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Sharing is a cultural right, not a market failure

An endless stream of law proposals, soft-law initiatives and free-trade agreements keeps trying to eradicate or prevent the non-market sharing of digital works between individuals. New strategies are pushed using incentives and threats so that intermediaries will police the Internet to save the scarcity-based business models of a few from the competition of abundance. So […]

No real study yet

The DG for Internal Policies of the European Parliament has just released a study titled The “Content Flat-Rate”: A Solution to Illegal File-Sharing. This post aims at an answering the following questions: who has ordered the study? Who has conducted it? What is it about? What can we learn from it? The first two questions […]

To rethink music, one needs to think wider than music and deeper in music

The Rethink Music was organized 25-27 April 2011 in Boston, by the Berklee College of Music and MIDEM in association with the Berkman Center for Internet & Society of Harvard University. Volker Grassmuck has written an account under the title Rethink Music? Think again. His take is that most speakers’ thinking is still too influenced […]

Sharing is legitimate

By various steps along the past 30 years, not-for-profit file sharing between individuals for works covered by copyright was rendered illegal in most countries1 and most use cases. This does not prevent me from stating loud and clear that the act of taking a digitally published work one has obtained2, copying it, making it available […]

Brazilian creative and Internet communities stand for a cultural flat-rate and legalizing sharing

In the last days of the public consultation on the new Copyright law in Brazil, close to 8000 proposals have been made, many focused on a