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Video of The Future of Democracy talk

If you are jailed in the proprietary world, click on the still image above or this link to a Flash video. If your browser supports HTML5, just start playing the video. You can also view Adam Greenfield’s talk on public objects and information in the city, and the panel discussion.

Rise up against massively applicable biometry

I wrote it repeatedly on this blog, without much effect: putting in place personal devices that can be used to massively check the identity of persons by querying large centralized biometric databases is one of the greatest dangers for freedoms and fundamental rights. I wrote indignantly against biometric passports, then judged that the corrections accepted […]

The Future of Democracy

The organizers of The Future of Life conference invited me to speak about the future of democracy in relation with information technology and the Internet. The video is forthcoming. Meanwhile, you can check slides and speaking notes (note pages 18-34).

G8 DNA poem

ACT ACTA CATA GGGGGGGG GAGA TATATATA ATTAC TAC TAG TAG TAG Submitted to g8internet.com G8 vs INTERNET Our imaginations help us protect our rights and a free Internet About genetic code poetry Poetry written on the letters of the genetic code was first explored in the 1990s in order to find less controversial paths of […]

A contributive levy with or without rights?

(ANSA) – ROMA, 29 OTT – La Siae chiede che venga stabilito per legge un contributo da parte di tutti quei provider che forniscono a pagamento la linea Adsl veloce. Secondo la societa’ che rappresenta autori ed editori, l’Adsl ‘consente a milioni di utenti di scaricare dal web, nella maggior parte dei casi evadendo il […]

One law per day?

The day before yesterday, The French Senate wanted to replace the final phase of our local threee-strike approach by a compulsory filtering of the Internet user connection. Since yesterday it is by fines that the the Senate wants to replace the banning from the Internet. The Minister for Culture, Ms. Albanel regrets that the Senators […]