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A sad day for the due process

I told many friends that I was afraid of the French Constitutional Council (“Conseil constitutionnel”) hesitating to censor twice the same policy of creating semi-automatic mass sanctions. However, despite this concern, I did not imagine that it could make a decision like the one it has just adopted.

The worrying state of French academic freedom

While the Hadopigate crashes all those that are at hand, micro-HADOPI-related scandals blossom in the lukewarm spring. Most are unknown of all except their occcasional victims, but no less instructive. Such is the cancellation of the conference I was planned to deliver on Thursday 14 May in the Claude Erignac Amphitheater of Sciences Po (the […]

The future of the creative contribution

The creative contribution brings together an authorization for the non-market exchange between individuals of digital works and a flat-rate payment by all broadband Internet subscribers in order to reward and fund creation. I put forward the case for the creative contribution and how it can be implemented in my book Internet & Création. The creative […]

The creative contribution in the French parliamentary debate

According to the French economic newspaper La Tribune, the socialist MPs have tabled an amendment to the Creation & Internet law proposal creating a creative contribution for non-market music P2P exchange. The text of this amendment tabled by Patrick Bloche and Didier Mathus is reproduced in PC Impact. It reads as follows (my translation): « […]