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European democracy

Dimitrios Droutsas is the rapporteur for opinion on ACTA in the LIBE (Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs) committee of the European Parliament. Below is an abstract of his draft report that demonstrates an insight and a democratic commitment that should act as an example for his colleagues and for policy makers everywhere. In particular, […]

Help the European Parliament to reject ACTA

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G8 DNA poem

ACT ACTA CATA GGGGGGGG GAGA TATATATA ATTAC TAC TAG TAG TAG Submitted to g8internet.com G8 vs INTERNET Our imaginations help us protect our rights and a free Internet About genetic code poetry Poetry written on the letters of the genetic code was first explored in the 1990s in order to find less controversial paths of […]

A rent-seeker fortress

The BRIC countries, in particular Brazil and India, reject the ACTA ad-hoc agreement. This opposition is not just motivated by diverging economic interests. Two dimensions of ACTA motivate it a a deeper level: these countries have been excluded -just like citizens of all countries- from the negotiation of the agreement, and ACTA’s aim is not […]

Let’s stop ACTA

3 core reasons to reject ACTA

For a more in-depth analysis of issues mentioned in my last post, please check the brief on La Quadrature du Net’s site.