Common cause

Cause commune : l’information entre bien commun et propriété (Common Cause: Information Between Commons and Property) is a book at Editions Fayard , in the Transversales series (Feb. 2005) and soon an eBook in all formats at

Selected extracts in English are accessible on the Transversales website. The PDF French-speaking digital version is on-line under the Creative Commons-By-NC-ND-2.0 license (French version).

The Italian translation by Antonella Beccaria and Andrea Glorioso has been published at Stampa Alternativa in May 2007 and is also available on-line under the Creative Commons Attribuzione-Non commerciale-Non opere derivate license. The Arabic translation by Abdelouadoud El Omrani, reviewed by Prof. Hussam AlKhateeb, has been published in November 2007 by the translation centre of the National Center for Culture, the Arts and Heritage of Qatar and is distributed by Almadahouse. The electronic version of the translation is now available under a Creative Commons-NonCommercial-No Derivatives license on this site and on the Arabswata site. A translation to English is also in the works.
If you are a publisher willing to publish a book edition of the English translation, please contact me.

It would be also relevant to publish translations in Spanish, Portugese (Brasilian), German, and Chinese (Mandarin).

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