Inhabited bodies

A return to Brussels means meetin again with friends, but also finding back the dancing scene. 5 days in a row, the hungarian choregrapher Eszter Salamon and Christine de Smedt (Les Ballets C. de la B.) were presenting Dance n°1 at Kaaitheaterstudio’s. The official presentation announces an ingenious score […] in which the body constantly transforms. This description falls short of the extraordinary power of this choregraphy and of the its execution by the two dancers. We are used to bodies that constantly transform, but nothing prepares us to face bodies that are inhabited with forces that are hidden from us (wind, electricity, nerve spasms ?). What inhabits the dancers seems unhuman, remote even from the animal metaphors that come to our mind when confronted with the strangeness of a gesture. From time to time, they let out a brief human gesture, voluntarily or not. There is much emotion in this fragile parenthesis. During almost an hour, the dancers draw elaborate paths across the scene, but without interfering directly, almost ignoring each other. Then, without notice, the moves of one finish in the body of the other, in a kind of simulated fight.The performance should have stopped there or diluted itself in stillness through the lights shivers with which it starts. The cathartic conclusion with its screams and mad gestures weakens the credibility of this journey beyond our bodies. Maybe it’s to ease our going back.

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