The criminals of asocial Europe

A few days ago, the members of the Spinelli trans-partisan group published opinion editorials in European daily newspapers to describe what could be the economic and social contents of a political Europe renewal. One can consider these texts critically, highlight their classicism, their lack of consideration for the new contemporary societal trends (not a word on the role of citizens). One can remark that the purely financial and budgetary measures have some credibility, while the fiscal and social measures cannot proceed without a huge citizen and social movement imposing them. One should however acknowledge that these texts describe the absolute needed minimum in terms of solidarity (the Eurobonds up to 60% of GDP), in terms of investment capability in order to reorient our economic models, and in terms of fighting the extreme inequalities made possible by tax havens, tax evasion and insane income and wealth levels of some.

When one looks at the recent debates and “agreements” at the light of these floor demands, they appear for what they are: a new step in the stubborn social autism of our governments. European citizens and societies will have to be courageous and wise for them. One will have to stand clear of the pure denunciation, historical accomplice of resignation. Let’s all work on the social citizen construction of a new Europe. Nothing is impossible anymore: they call for help the Chinese government and bankers, we can sure institute a minimum level of social and fiscal justice and democratic renewal, country per country, in Europe and globally.

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