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My last post received some attention and triggered a few reactions. I wrote a text denouncing a system that I judge dangerous for democracy. To describe it, I recalled the itinerary of people, their deeds, the way in which specific interests and visions of the public interest can no longer be distinguished in them. Some of these people have been hurt, in particular those playing only a marginal role in my story, for whom the juxtaposition with other people, other acts or the words I used seemed unfair. There is no point in not taking responsibility for it. I spoke of a system that corrupts policy-making because I am convinced that such as system exists. Where I am more worried is in reading some reactions that seem to take pleasure in the personal attacks. So let’s make it clear. To my knowledge, people quoted in my article haven’t done anything that is illegal (as would be corruption in the legal sense). They have done what their environment considered as normal. This is precisely where there is a serious problem. My post was about changing this environment.

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