One law per day?

The day before yesterday, The French Senate wanted to replace the final phase of our local threee-strike approach by a compulsory filtering of the Internet user connection. Since yesterday it is by fines that the the Senate wants to replace the banning from the Internet. The Minister for Culture, Ms. Albanel regrets that the Senators wish to replace her pedagogy by their repression. I am not sure it is worth discussing which is worse, because all these procrastinations are only the symptom of a much more radical absurdity. I have been stressing it since one year ago: the aspect of the three-strike approach which is most offensive to fundamental rights is the initial stage, the automatic sending of serious accusations on the basis of allegations by private parties without the possibility for the accused to challenge these accusations immediately. To accuse without the accused being in a position to respond is the core definition of an arbitrary power, the negation of most sacred right, the right to defend one-self. This institution of an arbitrary power without counter-power aims at brainwashing millions of persons, at preventing them from considering the act of sharing digital works for what it is, the foundation for culture itself. The aim of the three-strike approach is to prevent thinking about alternative solutions to the funding and remuneration of culture in the internet era. On these, see my next post.

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