Will the ACTA negotiators fool you?

In face of a growing debate, the ACTA negotiators and, in the EU, the governments who give them a mandate are building a smokescreen. They repeat to critics from various corners of civil society (defenders of human rights and freedoms, access to health and to knowledge organizations) to not worry, all is well, processes are not less democratic than usually, rights and freedoms will not be hurt further than already, nothing beyond the acquis communautaire will be included in the treaty, access to knowledge and health is on their mind, Internet will remain open, etc.

Only fools will believe it. Precise proposals for the agreement have been disclosed showing that:

When a process is so much out of democratic control, so potentially harmful to freedom of expression and fundamental rights, so evidently coined for the limited interests of a few corporations and control-minded freaks, so likely to become worse in its implementation, it is no longer time for damage limitation. ACTA must be dropped, dot. Tell your friends, your MPs, your MEPs, your governments if you have a chance to speak to them. If there is any election coming, make clear that you will never vote for anyone who does not commit to cancel ACTA negotiations or mandates.

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