Shoring uncertain times (13 January 2009)

I forgot yesterday’s most important thing: Tim Hubbard’s talk on the tension in the biomedical field between privacy and the benefits of openness for public health. He puts forward original solutions, whom he himself describes as the best imperfect compromises he can come with for the time-being. They rest on a mix or technical and organization means: no excessive data centralization, use of trusted servers, non transmission of raw data, etc. They deserve to be explored. I ask him to take in account extreme situations (totalitarian governments, wars) in the evaluation criteria.

The session where I talk is the first on in the morning, on patent reform. My American co-speakers make brilliant presentations of proposed reforms on governance and processes. Interesting, but I defend that process reform will work only after we have gone back to a reasonable perimeter of what can be patented or not. There is hope, not only in Europe, but also in the US after French

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