Eben Moglen at the Open World Forum

On 5 February 2010, Eben Moglen made an invited talk at the New-York chapter of ISOC on Freedom in the Cloud. He developed a concret plan for building a technical and societal infrastructure of digital freedoms, based on reclaiming servers, services and data.

Tomorrow, Thursday 30 September, Eben Moglen will be an invited keynote speaker for the conclusion of the first day of the Open World Forum, at 5:15pm approximately, in Eurosites George V, 28 Avenue George V, 75008 Paris. He will give us a status report on actions to build an infrastructure of freedoms, and related stakes. Do not miss it. Free access limited by available space, compulsory registration (do not forget to fill the sessions to which you intend to participate after validating your registration).

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