Stop the rigging of MEP votes

Yesterday, I drew the attention to the names that were absent from the signatories of the Eurocinema lobby letter to MEPs in support to the Gallo report. Since then, it appeared that a much more serious effort at rigging the vote planned at 12 noon today has taken place. By sending just before the vote a letter signed by a famous but dead director, other directors who say they never signed and non-existent directors1, it is an extremely serious plot against democracy that was launched by an interest group in contempt of MEPs and its own members. Verifications of signatures during the night would be completed only a limited number of names2. Todays vote must be postponed (Monday’s vote against the postponement is no longer valid as it occurred before this). At least, there must be a solemn oral intervention before the vote to allow for MEPs to take in account this revealing effort at biasing their vote.

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  1. László Kovács, who died in 2007, directed a few movies, but is best known as a key Director of photography or operator for more than a hundrer movies, including Easy Rider []
  2. Checking the signatories of the letter sent by IFPI on behalf of singers seems to lead also to serious doubts on certain signatories []

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