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The financial support of citizens is a condition of existence and of legitimacy for La Quadrature du Net. After a first year where the actions we initiated surprised the interest groups and governments trying to control the public space, we have faced an all-out offensive against freedoms, new usage, sharing and the ability of free expression to reach the general public. Today, a new period opens: copyright reform, the recognition of the Internet as a common infrastructure, the construction of the technology, legal and economic basis of innovation and creativity are gaining a new momentum. For this momentum to deliver true results, we need you. We need your actions, your ideas, your criticism when deserved, but we also need your financial support. La Quadrature du Net is based in France, but its action is for a large part targeted at European and International arenas and we work in permanence with citizen freedoms and Internet commons groups in other European countries. Click on the link that follows and you will have all the information on why and how to support La Quadrature du Net.

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