Burn after viewing

The Free Culture Research Conference was just held in Berlin. I took the opportunity to visit the newly restored Neues Museum. There I bought the DVD of Dialogue 09, the wonderful choreography of Sasha Waltz, performed and filmed in the empty rooms of the museum before the collections were put in them. It is a marvel of rhythm, sensuality, composition and movement. But one thing damages the pleasure. On the DVD, one reads this:

“This DVD is for viewing only and not to be copied, published or given to third parties”

I don’t know who is responsible for this statement, but sorry, we still have the right to give a DVD to whoever we want. We actually have the right to copy it also in most countries, even if we are often prevented from doing so by technical protection measures which we are not, in many countries, authorized to remove. So, dear Sasha Waltz, gives us many other choreographies and films, but please don’t let greedy merchants write such non-sense on the carriers that disseminate your works.

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