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To rethink music, one needs to think wider than music and deeper in music

The Rethink Music was organized 25-27 April 2011 in Boston, by the Berklee College of Music and MIDEM in association with the Berkman Center for Internet & Society of Harvard University. Volker Grassmuck has written an account under the title Rethink Music? Think again. His take is that most speakers’ thinking is still too influenced […]

Whiners, mercenaries and alternatives

Large telecommunications companies, copyright stock owners and some content producers complain that large centralized content sites now concentrate a large share of Internet usage, creating unbalance in the traffic. These centralized sites are accused of free riding without contributing to financing infrastructures nor remunerating artists (read producers and distributors). Mercenary politicians1 sing the same song […]

Blanket licensing in the Netherlands?

Two artist unions and the main consumer organization have just proposed to legalize file sharing based on a levy (article in English, see also the press release in Dutch) similar to the one on blank carriers for private copying. The levy would initially apply to hardware able to store and reproduce contents and later be […]

Brazilian creative and Internet communities stand for a cultural flat-rate and legalizing sharing

In the last days of the public consultation on the new Copyright law in Brazil, close to 8000 proposals have been made, many focused on a

The future of the creative contribution

The creative contribution brings together an authorization for the non-market exchange between individuals of digital works and a flat-rate payment by all broadband Internet subscribers in order to reward and fund creation. I put forward the case for the creative contribution and how it can be implemented in my book Internet & Création. The creative […]

The creative contribution in the French parliamentary debate

According to the French economic newspaper La Tribune, the socialist MPs have tabled an amendment to the Creation & Internet law proposal creating a creative contribution for non-market music P2P exchange. The text of this amendment tabled by Patrick Bloche and Didier Mathus is reproduced in PC Impact. It reads as follows (my translation): « […]

Warner Music is almost there

Numerama reports that Warner Music Group proposes to put in place a form of blanket licensing for music sharing in the US. This time, it is for good: there are limits to the scheme, but the proposal is a true revolution for the music industry. Thus, comments must be constructive and aiming at bringing the […]

A contributive levy with or without rights?

(ANSA) – ROMA, 29 OTT – La Siae chiede che venga stabilito per legge un contributo da parte di tutti quei provider che forniscono a pagamento la linea Adsl veloce. Secondo la societa’ che rappresenta autori ed editori, l’Adsl ‘consente a milioni di utenti di scaricare dal web, nella maggior parte dei casi evadendo il […]

One law per day?

The day before yesterday, The French Senate wanted to replace the final phase of our local threee-strike approach by a compulsory filtering of the Internet user connection. Since yesterday it is by fines that the the Senate wants to replace the banning from the Internet. The Minister for Culture, Ms. Albanel regrets that the Senators […]

3 questions on the short-term future of music exchange

Every year, Cannes MIDEM’s week used to bring the pain back. Abusive accusations against piracy and few ideas on the future of music. That’s the past. At last we are there: the music industry lives in the information era. DRM are dead for music (it will take a few years more for moving image). Global […]