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Don’t harm the best effort Internet to compensate for the loss of roaming income

This post has undergone various limited revisions since its original publication. When not purely cosmetical, these revisions are signaled through footnotes. The European Parliament is presently in the last stages of first reading for a revision of the telecom regumation. This revision addresses two facets: roaming costs for international mobile communications and network neutrality. Cancelling […]

Read and listen to Colin Crouch

My great friend Juan-Carlos de Martin got me acquainted with the work of someone I should have read for more than 10 years, and so should have you (assuming you didn’t). Colin Crouch is one of the key political thinkers of our time. From 2000 to 2004 he elaborated the concept of post-democracy, discussing the […]

Posters for Occupez la Défense

I went tonight to Occupez la Défense for 3 reasons : defending the freedom to demonstrate, once again attacked by a lawless and panicked government; reaffirming that Europe will survive only by democracy, it needs no saviours, just the ability to listen to its citizens; and injecting a few ideas on how to proceed within […]

The criminals of asocial Europe

A few days ago, the members of the Spinelli trans-partisan group published opinion editorials in European daily newspapers to describe what could be the economic and social contents of a political Europe renewal. One can consider these texts critically, highlight their classicism, their lack of consideration for the new contemporary societal trends (not a word […]

Video of The Future of Democracy talk

If you are jailed in the proprietary world, click on the still image above or this link to a Flash video. If your browser supports HTML5, just start playing the video. You can also view Adam Greenfield’s talk on public objects and information in the city, and the panel discussion.

The Future of Democracy

The organizers of The Future of Life conference invited me to speak about the future of democracy in relation with information technology and the Internet. The video is forthcoming. Meanwhile, you can check slides and speaking notes (note pages 18-34).

Three ways to share

Sharing is an imperfect and irreplaceable word. Imperfect, because in all languages where I am able to judge, its etymology is derived from (dividing in) shares, while, in the information era, sharing is something else. Irreplaceable because in its long history, it accumulated meanings from which we do not want to depart. Let’s consider three […]

Democratic revolutions and democracies in crisis

Comments are flowing on the Arab and Iranian democratic revolutions, of which we see only the beginning. In a must read interview, Manuel Castells stated : “the popular uprisings in the Arab world perhaps constitute the most important Internet-led and facilitated change”. Beyond the direct role of the Internet and information technology in these movements, […]

A great constructive mind

Richard Stallman (aka RMS) is not just the founder and a leader of the free software movement. He is a great thinker about culture and the Internet. Furthermore, in all of these activities, he is a solution engineer. He just has given us another product of his constructive mind. Those who try to put in […]