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Criminal, civil, and technological enforcement of restrictive rights on information

Sharing is not a market failure

For the second consecutive year, European commissioner Nellie Kroes delivered a speech in the Forum d’Avignon (the international meeting of culture, economy and the media) that breaks with the dominant copyright fundamentalism in this forum. Nelllie Kroes’ speech stresses even more clearly than last year some essential points : the failure of enforcing exclusive rights on […]

Help the European Parliament to reject ACTA

For more information, how to share this video (and other versions), and how to act, see

A general hold-up on scarce resources of the infosphere

We knew it for ages: there are scarce resources hidden in the abundance of the infosphere. Some are as old as the Internet, such as root and second-level domain name servers and the last mile infrastructure. Solutions to remove them (open spectrum based access, P2P name binding) are not trivial and were the object of […]

Let’s stop ACTA

3 core reasons to reject ACTA

For a more in-depth analysis of issues mentioned in my last post, please check the brief on La Quadrature du Net’s site.

Will the ACTA negotiators fool you?

In face of a growing debate, the ACTA negotiators and, in the EU, the governments who give them a mandate are building a smokescreen. They repeat to critics from various corners of civil society (defenders of human rights and freedoms, access to health and to knowledge organizations) to not worry, all is well, processes are […]

A sad day for the due process

I told many friends that I was afraid of the French Constitutional Council (“Conseil constitutionnel”) hesitating to censor twice the same policy of creating semi-automatic mass sanctions. However, despite this concern, I did not imagine that it could make a decision like the one it has just adopted.

In the last hours of the night

Everywhere in Europe, the war against sharing is sinking. One after the other, those who care for freedoms and culture severe themselves from this approach, and call for building synergy between free non-market exchanges on the Internet and the funding of creation. The defenders of the centralized control on the access to works launch ultimate […]

One law per day?

The day before yesterday, The French Senate wanted to replace the final phase of our local threee-strike approach by a compulsory filtering of the Internet user connection. Since yesterday it is by fines that the the Senate wants to replace the banning from the Internet. The Minister for Culture, Ms. Albanel regrets that the Senators […]


5 months ago the European Parliament adopted the Bono-Rocard-Fjellner amendment that made a clear statement declaring the Internet to be an essential common resource and calling Member States and the Commission to abstain from introducing measures conflicting with civil liberties and human rights such as suspending access of users to the internet. This was a […]

What for?

My last post received some attention and triggered a few reactions. I wrote a text denouncing a system that I judge dangerous for democracy. To describe it, I recalled the itinerary of people, their deeds, the way in which specific interests and visions of the public interest can no longer be distinguished in them. Some […]

DRMs and free software

Background for debatting this issue in the context of the French DADVSI law and the GNU GPL version 3 drafting process DRM stands for Digital Rights Management. Within the free software and open information communities, some have proposed to interpret the acronym as standing for Digital Restrictions Management, as to better highlight the corresponding functionality. […]