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Increased advertising pollution on is the hosting service associated to the WordPress free software blog platform (WP for short). I often described this combination as virtuous, as it permits users to open easily and swiftly a hosted blog, while letting them move it easily to a self-hosted or other host solution using the same software. The growth of […]

Shoring uncertain times (14 January 2009)

Train trip to New-York. Along the North part of Chesapeake Bay. The snow somewhere between Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Arrival in Penn Station. A thought for Louis Kahn (who died of an heart attack in the toilets here) … and for “my architects”. New-York feels as usual. I am cheating with this trip since I […]

Scrutinising the Microsoft WSPP Development Agreements

Disclaimer: Just my opinion, not the official opinion of the Software Freedom Law Center on whose board of directors I serve. Thanks to Anne-Catherine Lorrain for research on the reverse engineering and decompilation exceptions of the 1991 directive. Microsoft has published its licenses for access to interoperability information in the field of file and printer […]

(De)centralization of information activities and services

Nota: All trademarks rights are held by their respective holders. At the last Open Source Convention (OSCON), a lively debate developed between Eben Moglen, who heads the Software Freedom Law Center and the publisher Tim O’Reilly, organizer of OSCON. Tim O’Reilly triggered this exchange by declaring that free software licenses were today obsolete as they […]

DRMs and free software

Background for debatting this issue in the context of the French DADVSI law and the GNU GPL version 3 drafting process DRM stands for Digital Rights Management. Within the free software and open information communities, some have proposed to interpret the acronym as standing for Digital Restrictions Management, as to better highlight the corresponding functionality. […]