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Shoring uncertain times (13 January 2009)

I forgot yesterday’s most important thing: Tim Hubbard’s talk on the tension in the biomedical field between privacy and the benefits of openness for public health. He puts forward original solutions, whom he himself describes as the best imperfect compromises he can come with for the time-being. They rest on a mix or technical and […]

Shoring uncertain times (12 January 2009)

The conference is in the main auditorium of the Carnegie Institution of Science. Solemn, with an overview of Science whose background is a map of the US projected on 3 of the auditorium walls. The inscriptions are glorious hymns to natural religion, where science is described as the quest for understanding and illustrating the beauty […]

Shoring uncertain times (11 January 2009)

Ollsson’s closed down. When I came regularly to Washington, it was at Ollsson’s that I bought the books that one can’t discover on Amazon, those you need to hold in your hands to know that you want to read them. It was a bookstore to my taste, with just the right share of science, politics, […]

Shoring uncertain times (10 January 2009)

Almost 6 years ago, I spent in Washington DC the 8 last days before the start of the US war on Iraq. I wrote a “diary of the last days before the preventive wars”. These times were dominated by a feeling of ineluctability, the certainty of what would happen and of consequences, even if one […]

Warner Music is almost there

Numerama reports that Warner Music Group proposes to put in place a form of blanket licensing for music sharing in the US. This time, it is for good: there are limits to the scheme, but the proposal is a true revolution for the music industry. Thus, comments must be constructive and aiming at bringing the […]

Eric S. Maskin and software patents

Eric S. Maskin has just been awarded the Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel, often called Nobel Prize in Economics. He shares the prize with Leonid Hurwicz and Roger B. Myerson. They are rewarded for having laid the foundations of mechanism design theory (also known as implementation theory), a […]