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How should we frame and serve cultural rights in the digital age ?

This post gives the core of what I said in the panel on « Legalizing file-sharing: an idea whose time has come – or gone? » in the Information Influx conference organized to celebrate the 25 years of IViR, the Institute of Information Law in Amsterdam on 4 July 2014. The panel brought together 4 […]

Political asylum in France for Edward Snowden now!

published at the occasion of the first anniversary of the Snowden revelations and a large-scale campaign in France demanding President Hollande to grant constitutional asylum to Edward Snowden.

The Polish campaign for the right to culture

I write this post in a mix of sadness and joy. The sadness of losing Aaron Swartz who committed suicide two days ago. He was a great person (say all who met him) to whom we owe a significant part of the victory against SOPA in the US through his organization Demand Progress and many […]

Can digital orphans educate their political parents?

In June 2010, I participated in a conference on the future of universities in cyberspace. One session was devoted to “digital natives”. This concept had long infuriated me, but it’s only while listening to the talks that I understood why. It was not just because of it being yet another fashionable buzzword. There was something […]

eBooks: Competition, reader rights and author remuneration

The title and some formulations in this post have been modified on 14 March 2012 to adapt them better to its subject. Despite a very good article in the Wall Street Journal, most commentators struggle to find their way in the recent announcements regarding a possible antitrust action against 5 publishers and Apple. The difficulty […]

Citizens stand for the right to share

This text below is the English version of an opinion editorial published today in the Dutch daily newspaper. In the last days, two events have brought Internet-related policy issues to the front pages : the FBI crackdown on Megaupload and the signature of the ACTA treaty1 and the resulting streets demonstration in countries such as […]

Help the European Parliament to reject ACTA

For more information, how to share this video (and other versions), and how to act, see

Self-portrait of the #occupywallstreet movement

For up to date information on what’s happening in hundreds of cities in the US, check OCCUPY TOGETHER.

Our autistic governments promote what they claim to fear

Regarding Tunisia yesterday and Egypt today, the governments of European countries and the US tell each day what they should have said a week or 48h before. In this delay and in the embarrassment one can read in their silences, lies a cruel truth. They ceased long ago to believe in democracy when its face […]

Political reconstruction in a world ready to fall over

What’s happening these days in the political and legislative system regarding freedom, fundamental rights and social justice is a source of deep worry. Terror-stricken in front of the emergence of citizens able to express themselves, exchange, share and innovate in unexpected manners, the aging powers of money disconnected from the economy, audio-visual media, and governments […]

Eben Moglen at the Open World Forum

On 5 February 2010, Eben Moglen made an invited talk at the New-York chapter of ISOC on Freedom in the Cloud. He developed a concret plan for building a technical and societal infrastructure of digital freedoms, based on reclaiming servers, services and data. Tomorrow, Thursday 30 September, Eben Moglen will be an invited keynote speaker […]

Shoring uncertain times (17 January 2009)

Last day. I meet with cousins of my mother. Crab cake at Legal Sea Foods. Despite their age, they have an active life. He is still the newsletter editor for the joint MIT/Harvard training course in public health that he founded 30 years ago. He writes in particular the review of recent scientific publications. Keeps […]

Shoring uncertain times (16 January 2009)

I don’t know how I will be able to bring all the books back. There are those written by friends and that they gave to me, and those that I bought. Another bunch, this time at Harvard Bookstore. I don’t like the place so much: there are stacks of bestsellers like in franchises. However, they […]

Shoring uncertain times (15 January 2009)

The Boston Train rides slowly in the snow storm. Finally it is only 10 minutes late. The snow has stopped in Boston. 18°F. I take the subway to leave my luggage at Harding House that proudly announces to be the best B&B in Cambridge. I don’t know the others, but I leave the benefit of […]

Shoring uncertain times (14 January 2009)

Train trip to New-York. Along the North part of Chesapeake Bay. The snow somewhere between Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Arrival in Penn Station. A thought for Louis Kahn (who died of an heart attack in the toilets here) … and for “my architects”. New-York feels as usual. I am cheating with this trip since I […]