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Infrastructure and financing for the digital commons

This blog was inactive during the last weeks, but not its author. Here are a few links to the transcripts or recordings of rencent talks (all under the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution Unported license) : Another narrative (a case for European R&D programmes to invest in innovation targeting new decentralized infrastructure for servers, services and data), […]

Can public libraries sell or capture the rights of the public?

On 12 May 2011, I participated in the Law and Access to Culture in the Information Society conference organized by Fundació Antoni Tàpies in Barcelona. I spoke in a panel with Simon Bell, Head of Strategic Partnerships and Licensing of the British Library and Gloria Pérez-Salmerón, the new Head of the Biblioteca Nacional de España. […]

Video of The Future of Democracy talk

If you are jailed in the proprietary world, click on the still image above or this link to a Flash video. If your browser supports HTML5, just start playing the video. You can also view Adam Greenfield’s talk on public objects and information in the city, and the panel discussion.

The Future of Democracy

The organizers of The Future of Life conference invited me to speak about the future of democracy in relation with information technology and the Internet. The video is forthcoming. Meanwhile, you can check slides and speaking notes (note pages 18-34).

Three ways to share

Sharing is an imperfect and irreplaceable word. Imperfect, because in all languages where I am able to judge, its etymology is derived from (dividing in) shares, while, in the information era, sharing is something else. Irreplaceable because in its long history, it accumulated meanings from which we do not want to depart. Let’s consider three […]

How-To for Sustainable Creativity

The Free Culture Forum was held for the second time at the end of October 2010 in Barcelona. It just published its How-To for Sustainable Creativity. This guide is the outcome of a remarkable work conducted during 4 months by a large and diverse group of players involved in creative activity and civil society approaches […]

The Future of Copyright and the future of intellectual rights

Francis Gurry, Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) pronounced last Friday a keynote speech on The Future of Copyright. After the speech of European Commissioner Nellie Kroes at the Forum d’Avignon, and in line with Lawrence Lessig’s recent speech at WIPO, this conference is an historical turning point. At the highest level, […]

Democratic revolutions and democracies in crisis

Comments are flowing on the Arab and Iranian democratic revolutions, of which we see only the beginning. In a must read interview, Manuel Castells stated : “the popular uprisings in the Arab world perhaps constitute the most important Internet-led and facilitated change”. Beyond the direct role of the Internet and information technology in these movements, […]

Access to Knowledge Symposium

A few months ago, an important book was published at Zone Books. Two great editors, Gaëlle Krikorian et Amy Kapzynski, gathered tens of contributors to produce 32 chapters that describe and analyze all the facets of the emergence of the Access to knowledge movement. The appellation is maybe imperfect, since much more than access is […]

Political reconstruction in a world ready to fall over

What’s happening these days in the political and legislative system regarding freedom, fundamental rights and social justice is a source of deep worry. Terror-stricken in front of the emergence of citizens able to express themselves, exchange, share and innovate in unexpected manners, the aging powers of money disconnected from the economy, audio-visual media, and governments […]

A general hold-up on scarce resources of the infosphere

We knew it for ages: there are scarce resources hidden in the abundance of the infosphere. Some are as old as the Internet, such as root and second-level domain name servers and the last mile infrastructure. Solutions to remove them (open spectrum based access, P2P name binding) are not trivial and were the object of […]

Eben Moglen at the Open World Forum

On 5 February 2010, Eben Moglen made an invited talk at the New-York chapter of ISOC on Freedom in the Cloud. He developed a concret plan for building a technical and societal infrastructure of digital freedoms, based on reclaiming servers, services and data. Tomorrow, Thursday 30 September, Eben Moglen will be an invited keynote speaker […]

Coming events for commons-based policy platforms

At the end of September, several events will bring together commoners in Paris, to address the question of how one can build commons-based policy platforms: The second of a series of meetings on “commons-based policy platforms” will take place Wednesday 29 September, 6:30-8:30pm at FPH. Free participation in the limit of available space, with compulsory […]

A step towards synergy between public libraries and the knowledge commons

The signature of a partnership agreement between the French National Library (BnF) Bibliothèque de Nationale de France and Wikimedia France is excellent news. 1400 public domain books in French digitized and OCR-ed in Gallica will be included in WikiSource. Internet users will be able to correct the unavoidable errors of optical character recognition. Gallica will […]

We will miss Francis Muguet dearly

Mathieu Pasquini reports on his blog that Francis Muguet is dead. He explored with passion the paths of a democratic internet. He was a hearty innovator and a social engineer. As promoters of the mutualized financing of creation, we did not express enough how much we are indebted to him, beyond some disagreements on details. […]