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Corruption overflow in the policy-making environment

This post is dedicated to Lawrence Lessig as a tribute to his decision on 17 June 2007 to switch his focus from the intellectual rights environment struggles to the fight against corruption in decision-making. I am sole responsible for the contents of the post. This is an unusually long post, even by the standards of […]

A small historical turning point

Historical turning points are often discrete. One such has occured today in the European Parliament. For the first time, the Parliament has taken a position on the relationship between Internet and culture that goes against the traditional views of the large right holders lobbies. The Parliament has already arbitrated with courage between the scope and […]

3 questions on the short-term future of music exchange

Every year, Cannes MIDEM’s week used to bring the pain back. Abusive accusations against piracy and few ideas on the future of music. That’s the past. At last we are there: the music industry lives in the information era. DRM are dead for music (it will take a few years more for moving image). Global […]

DRMs and free software

Background for debatting this issue in the context of the French DADVSI law and the GNU GPL version 3 drafting process DRM stands for Digital Rights Management. Within the free software and open information communities, some have proposed to interpret the acronym as standing for Digital Restrictions Management, as to better highlight the corresponding functionality. […]

The 30 May 2005 European political platform

Index Method European policy architecture —Internal Market —Commercial policy —Competition policy —Social policy —Social and spatial cohesion —Environment —Research and technological development —Common agricultural policy —Culture and media —Taxation policy —Transport Policy —European budget —etc. European democracy —Initiative —Public debate —Collegiality —Legislative process —Evaluation —Majority Method Pro-ratification advocates as well as stated pro-European among defenders […]