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Posters for Occupez la Défense

I went tonight to Occupez la Défense for 3 reasons : defending the freedom to demonstrate, once again attacked by a lawless and panicked government; reaffirming that Europe will survive only by democracy, it needs no saviours, just the ability to listen to its citizens; and injecting a few ideas on how to proceed within […]

Help the European Parliament to reject ACTA

For more information, how to share this video (and other versions), and how to act, see

The criminals of asocial Europe

A few days ago, the members of the Spinelli trans-partisan group published opinion editorials in European daily newspapers to describe what could be the economic and social contents of a political Europe renewal. One can consider these texts critically, highlight their classicism, their lack of consideration for the new contemporary societal trends (not a word […]

A nervous oligarchy barricades itself against a few polite young people

Evening stroll yesterday to Place de la Bastille. A Promenade du soir hier à la Bastille. A line of security police blocks the access to the part of the square in front of the Opera. Selective filter: they leave in, but the african-american tourist behind me is asked where he goes. “There”, says he, vaguely […]

Non-market sharing is a fundamental right

Commissioner Barnier spoke yesterday in a conference on Creative industries: innovation and growth1. He announced “a major initiative to focus on ISPs to fight online piracy because he doesn’t want to criminalise consumers”. He added that this strategy will be developed with Commissioners Kroes (digital agenda) and Vassiliou (culture). This announcement signals a new stage […]

Our autistic governments promote what they claim to fear

Regarding Tunisia yesterday and Egypt today, the governments of European countries and the US tell each day what they should have said a week or 48h before. In this delay and in the embarrassment one can read in their silences, lies a cruel truth. They ceased long ago to believe in democracy when its face […]

Political reconstruction in a world ready to fall over

What’s happening these days in the political and legislative system regarding freedom, fundamental rights and social justice is a source of deep worry. Terror-stricken in front of the emergence of citizens able to express themselves, exchange, share and innovate in unexpected manners, the aging powers of money disconnected from the economy, audio-visual media, and governments […]

Stop the rigging of MEP votes

Yesterday, I drew the attention to the names that were absent from the signatories of the Eurocinema lobby letter to MEPs in support to the Gallo report. Since then, it appeared that a much more serious effort at rigging the vote planned at 12 noon today has taken place. By sending just before the vote […]

3 core reasons to reject ACTA

For a more in-depth analysis of issues mentioned in my last post, please check the brief on La Quadrature du Net’s site.

Will the ACTA negotiators fool you?

In face of a growing debate, the ACTA negotiators and, in the EU, the governments who give them a mandate are building a smokescreen. They repeat to critics from various corners of civil society (defenders of human rights and freedoms, access to health and to knowledge organizations) to not worry, all is well, processes are […]

In the last hours of the night

Everywhere in Europe, the war against sharing is sinking. One after the other, those who care for freedoms and culture severe themselves from this approach, and call for building synergy between free non-market exchanges on the Internet and the funding of creation. The defenders of the centralized control on the access to works launch ultimate […]

The future of the creative contribution

The creative contribution brings together an authorization for the non-market exchange between individuals of digital works and a flat-rate payment by all broadband Internet subscribers in order to reward and fund creation. I put forward the case for the creative contribution and how it can be implemented in my book Internet & Création. The creative […]

Shoring uncertain times (13 January 2009)

I forgot yesterday’s most important thing: Tim Hubbard’s talk on the tension in the biomedical field between privacy and the benefits of openness for public health. He puts forward original solutions, whom he himself describes as the best imperfect compromises he can come with for the time-being. They rest on a mix or technical and […]

A contributive levy with or without rights?

(ANSA) – ROMA, 29 OTT – La Siae chiede che venga stabilito per legge un contributo da parte di tutti quei provider che forniscono a pagamento la linea Adsl veloce. Secondo la societa’ che rappresenta autori ed editori, l’Adsl ‘consente a milioni di utenti di scaricare dal web, nella maggior parte dei casi evadendo il […]

What for?

My last post received some attention and triggered a few reactions. I wrote a text denouncing a system that I judge dangerous for democracy. To describe it, I recalled the itinerary of people, their deeds, the way in which specific interests and visions of the public interest can no longer be distinguished in them. Some […]