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file sharing, resource pooling and sharing-compatible economic models

To rethink music, one needs to think wider than music and deeper in music

The Rethink Music was organized 25-27 April 2011 in Boston, by the Berklee College of Music and MIDEM in association with the Berkman Center for Internet & Society of Harvard University. Volker Grassmuck has written an account under the title Rethink Music? Think again. His take is that most speakers’ thinking is still too influenced […]

Non-market sharing is a fundamental right

Commissioner Barnier spoke yesterday in a conference on Creative industries: innovation and growth1. He announced “a major initiative to focus on ISPs to fight online piracy because he doesn’t want to criminalise consumers”. He added that this strategy will be developed with Commissioners Kroes (digital agenda) and Vassiliou (culture). This announcement signals a new stage […]

Three ways to share

Sharing is an imperfect and irreplaceable word. Imperfect, because in all languages where I am able to judge, its etymology is derived from (dividing in) shares, while, in the information era, sharing is something else. Irreplaceable because in its long history, it accumulated meanings from which we do not want to depart. Let’s consider three […]

How-To for Sustainable Creativity

The Free Culture Forum was held for the second time at the end of October 2010 in Barcelona. It just published its How-To for Sustainable Creativity. This guide is the outcome of a remarkable work conducted during 4 months by a large and diverse group of players involved in creative activity and civil society approaches […]

The Future of Copyright and the future of intellectual rights

Francis Gurry, Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) pronounced last Friday a keynote speech on The Future of Copyright. After the speech of European Commissioner Nellie Kroes at the Forum d’Avignon, and in line with Lawrence Lessig’s recent speech at WIPO, this conference is an historical turning point. At the highest level, […]

Whiners, mercenaries and alternatives

Large telecommunications companies, copyright stock owners and some content producers complain that large centralized content sites now concentrate a large share of Internet usage, creating unbalance in the traffic. These centralized sites are accused of free riding without contributing to financing infrastructures nor remunerating artists (read producers and distributors). Mercenary politicians1 sing the same song […]

Political reconstruction in a world ready to fall over

What’s happening these days in the political and legislative system regarding freedom, fundamental rights and social justice is a source of deep worry. Terror-stricken in front of the emergence of citizens able to express themselves, exchange, share and innovate in unexpected manners, the aging powers of money disconnected from the economy, audio-visual media, and governments […]

A great constructive mind

Richard Stallman (aka RMS) is not just the founder and a leader of the free software movement. He is a great thinker about culture and the Internet. Furthermore, in all of these activities, he is a solution engineer. He just has given us another product of his constructive mind. Those who try to put in […]

Who serves creators and artists?

A Swedish appeal court has upheld the sentences of The Pirate Bay founders to jail (reduced in appeal) and heavy fines and damages. I know only one of them, Peter Sunde, who has recently founded Flattr. He declared that they will challenge the sentences the European high courts. However this ends, Peter will have done […]

Blanket licensing in the Netherlands?

Two artist unions and the main consumer organization have just proposed to legalize file sharing based on a levy (article in English, see also the press release in Dutch) similar to the one on blank carriers for private copying. The levy would initially apply to hardware able to store and reproduce contents and later be […]


Some interesting stuff: Marcus Boon’s In praise of copying book just out at Harvard University Press. And for direct enjoyment: Dan Bull‘s Death of ACTA rap, where one will find not just stuff against (ACTA and the Gallo report) but also stuff for (the right of all to use and create from what exists).

Sharing is legitimate

By various steps along the past 30 years, not-for-profit file sharing between individuals for works covered by copyright was rendered illegal in most countries1 and most use cases. This does not prevent me from stating loud and clear that the act of taking a digitally published work one has obtained2, copying it, making it available […]

What the French filmmakers learnt from the HADOPI law

100 European Film-makers signed a letter to European MEPs asking them to vote for the Gallo report. Not much of a surprise, will you say, each time the collecting societies and other professional lobbies asked them to support a repressive legislation, motion picture figures always showed up. Wrong. You will see only 2 or 3 […]

Brazilian creative and Internet communities stand for a cultural flat-rate and legalizing sharing

In the last days of the public consultation on the new Copyright law in Brazil, close to 8000 proposals have been made, many focused on a

We will miss Francis Muguet dearly

Mathieu Pasquini reports on his blog that Francis Muguet is dead. He explored with passion the paths of a democratic internet. He was a hearty innovator and a social engineer. As promoters of the mutualized financing of creation, we did not express enough how much we are indebted to him, beyond some disagreements on details. […]