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The body as architecture

I carry on my episodical chronicles of contemporay dance performances on this blog. My literary experimentation blog could be better suited, but it is in French only. The yearly Rencontres Choréographiques de la Seine-Saint-Denis are back, and with them the pleasure of discoveries for the intermittent amateur. Tamara Bacci, Marthe Krummenacher and Perrine Valli are […]

Televangelism and looking sideways

For Paris dance fans who want to explore beyond the somewhat conventional programming (except for Indian dance) in Théâtre de la Ville, the Rencontres choréographiques internationales de la Seine-Saint-Denis are a key opportunity for discovering younger and sometimes more original choreographers. This week-end, La Chaufferie staged a trio of An Kaler and a solo of […]

Burn after viewing

The Free Culture Research Conference was just held in Berlin. I took the opportunity to visit the newly restored Neues Museum. There I bought the DVD of Dialogue 09, the wonderful choreography of Sasha Waltz, performed and filmed in the empty rooms of the museum before the collections were put in them. It is a […]

This faraway world we inhabit

I had never seen one of Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui’s choreagraphies. Maybe did I saw him dancing at PARTS, Anne-Teresa de Keersmaeker’s school in Brussels where we sometimes went when we lived close by, but I am not sure, and it was before he became a famous choreographer. It was remedial class yesterday for “Foi” the […]

Inhabited bodies

A return to Brussels means meetin again with friends, but also finding back the dancing scene. 5 days in a row, the hungarian choregrapher Eszter Salamon and Christine de Smedt (Les Ballets C. de la B.) were presenting Dance n°1 at Kaaitheaterstudio’s. The official presentation announces an ingenious score […] in which the body constantly […]

Painting with bodies

It is more than time for this blog to come back to dance. Documentary piece on Sasha Waltz on Arte last Saturday. The jubilation of Dido and Aenas again. Discovering the performance for the opening of Radialsystems where she posted dancers and musicians everywhere in the building, inhabiting it with dance, before she brought all […]