The IST'98 "Ecology of Information Exchanges"
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The "Ecology of Information Exchanges" is a session of the Information Society Technologies Conference and Exhibition. On this site you find questions for discussion, background, position statements by speakers, and a discussion forum.  The forum is moderated.  Submissions will be accepted only if they are in the scope of one of the questions (or debate its validity), if they contain no offensive material or statement, and if they add value to the previous contributions.
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Issues and discussion
Complete list of initial questions and background
Last posting:
Which foundations for the value of information? How can it be expressed?
R. A. Ghosh, 7 October 1998
Economic and non-economic aspects of new information exchanges
J. Browning, 21 October 1998
Creative destruction and information exchange species
J. Browning, 21 October 1998
Measurement of information exchanges
R. A. Ghosh, 7 October 1998
Increasing returns, competition and diversity
Symmetry and access
Empowerment, tools and skills
Time budgets and other time issues
J. Browning, 16 October 1998
Taxation and government resources
R. A. Ghosh, 7 October 1998

Position statements and abstracts
Rishab Aiyer Ghosh's position statement can be found as direct answers to questions in the issues and discussion section
Read Luc Soete's abstract
Read René Passet's abstract (en français) (in English)