A contributive levy with or without rights?

(ANSA) – ROMA, 29 OTT – La Siae chiede che venga stabilito per legge un contributo da parte di tutti quei provider che forniscono a pagamento la linea Adsl veloce. Secondo la societa’ che rappresenta autori ed editori, l’Adsl ‘consente a milioni di utenti di scaricare dal web, nella maggior parte dei casi evadendo il Diritto d’Autore, ogni tipo di contenuto creativo: musica, film, libri, immagini e qualsiasi genere di opera dell’ingegno messa a disposizione gratuitamente da ben noti e numerosi peer to peer’.

This small extract of a press release from the official Italian press agency may be the start of the great upheaval: the introduction of the creative contribution that I proposed to put in place in “Internet & Creation”. SIAE, the Italian collective rights management society (a state-granted monopoly in contrast to collective management societies in many other countries) asks for a law to install a tax paid by Internet Service Providers for the Internet access to contents in all media. Just a little additional effort so that the law will also recognize the rights of Internet users to freely exchange without profit the digital representatons of works that have been made public in digital form. While we are at it, one will also waive the fiction of a tax paid by ISPs and recognize that it is a contribution of Internet users. And then, we will be there: the free non-market Internet exchanges and the funding of creation and culture will develop in synergy.

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