Why is there a black-out on the French Internet?

HADOPI - Le Net en France : black-out

whereas e-illiteracy will be the new illiteracy of the 21st Century; whereas ensuring that all citizens have access to the Internet is therefore equivalent to ensuring that all citizens have access to schooling, and whereas such access should not be punitively denied by governments or private companies;
Stavros Lambrinidis’ report adopted on 19 February 2009 by the LIBE Committee in the European Parliament

In a few days, probably on March 10th, the French National Assembly will debate and vote on the the three-strike approach “Creation and Internet” law. This law was produced after a false debate in which alternative approaches have been a priori excluded on pure ideological grounds. It is driven by an obsession to eradicate the non-market sharing by individuals of cultural works. Several elements will lead it to cause severe collateral damage on the digital public sphere. First because the law plans to exclude a significant number of people from this public space, in contradiction to fundamental rights that have been strongly reminded in the above-quoted Lambrinidis report. Second, because the absurdity of the law proposal is such that its proponents are led to propose that public access points to the Internet should be restricted to a predefined list of “approved sites”, under a while list model. Finally, because the law, if adopted, would cause an irreparable damage to the right to du process, denied the warned or threatened subscribers the right to know the basis of the accusations (which works are they accused to have exchanged without authorization or of having let others to so) and the right to challenge at this stage the accusations in a contradictory suspensive recourse in which they have access to a judge. Too much is more than enough.

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