How-To for Sustainable Creativity

The Free Culture Forum was held for the second time at the end of October 2010 in Barcelona. It just published its How-To for Sustainable Creativity. This guide is the outcome of a remarkable work conducted during 4 months by a large and diverse group of players involved in creative activity and civil society approaches to the Internet. It provides an overview of cultural production in the digital age as well as a toolbox detailing 12 models to make it sustainable. These models can be combined, depending on domains, into various configurations.

Collective financing systems based on legally-organized resource pooling (model 10), of which I am one of the designers, were at start the object of not so easy debates. Some participants were deeply concerned that such schemes could be hijacked by installed organizations such as collecting societies for their own interests or serve as a pretext for putting in place intrusive surveillance of usage. This discussion was in the end extremely useful, as it reached a formulation of necessary conditions for the civil society acceptance of such schemes. These conditions will set an important basis of negotiation if and when proposals such as the creative contribution are explored and the political and institutional level.

La Quadrature du Net, Creative Commons France and the author of these lines are signatories of the How-to and the accompanying declaration. Join them.

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