Stop mass biometry now!

In the past few years, biometric identification devices have been forced on us at an incredibly fast pace. After 9/11, it is almost as if the brain synapses of decision makers within governments had been hijacked. The most basic care for freedom has evaded them, with the exception of limited privacy issues circles. The US government is today acquiring biometrical information on any visitor that steps in a the country, and in one year, it will be impossible for people without strong biometrical information (f.i. iris scans) included in their passport to step in without visa in the US. European governments accept eagerly to include such data in their passports or ID cards. The new situation is without precedent. In the past, biometry existed for instance in the form of fingerprints. However the practical use of biometry did not allow for quick, efficient and massive screening of population, and the falsification of this information remained relatively easy. Thanks to these 2 aspects, millions of people has escaped mass extermination or segregation by using fake identiiities. The probability of one advanced technology country to fall under a totalitarian regime during the next 50 years is unknown but it can be deemed to be high. So please, let’s stop this madness. Don’t believe others will do it: they are just sitting like yourself, thinking that it can’t be true, someone will stop it.

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