Shoring uncertain times (15 January 2009)

The Boston Train rides slowly in the snow storm. Finally it is only 10 minutes late. The snow has stopped in Boston. 18°F. I take the subway to leave my luggage at Harding House that proudly announces to be the best B&B in Cambridge. I don’t know the others, but I leave the benefit of the doubt to Harding.

Harding House

I must meet with David Bollier, writer of commons books and active blogger at On the Commons. I go to the wrong place, but he finds me. we talk about the sustainability and scalability of non-market activities. He tells me about work by John Clippinger and Yochai Benkler for defining a statute of “virtual corporation” in the State of Vermont. I would like to know more about it. I try to explain why I think that putting in place a sustainable funding (or a currency creation if one prefers) for the information commons in content-related domains can be done more efficiently at the macroeconomic or sectoral level than through micro-economic business models. Not sure my explanations are clear.

I go to the Berkman Center. Meet a person with whom I had exchanges during a year through phone conferences and email, without ever meeting her. We are both not at ease to switch to face-to-face. Known faces in the corridors. I am cordially welcomed, but don’t find my place yet. Mireille sends an email for me to confirm that I am not standing on an airline wing in the middle of the Hudson river. I confirm.

6°F at night. I ask the young man at the reception for a simple restaurant close by. He sends me to an Indian place that is exactly what I wanted, as if he read my mind.

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