What the French filmmakers learnt from the HADOPI law

100 European Film-makers signed a letter to European MEPs asking them to vote for the Gallo report. Not much of a surprise, will you say, each time the collecting societies and other professional lobbies asked them to support a repressive legislation, motion picture figures always showed up. Wrong. You will see only 2 or 3 lost French signatories on the list, when usually they provide the big battallions. When the debate on the HADOPI three-strike law started, 31 famous film-makers signed an open letter drafted by the collecting society SACD without even looking at the true content of the law. However, after two years of debate, they learned something. All did not dare to sign the Letter to a citizen audience by which 29 figurees rejected the war conducted against their public. Very few are now keen on being recruited in a new war against sharing. Encore un effort, European citizen film-makers!

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